Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy Formal Endorsement Letter

We just wanted to thank our friends at the Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy, Inc. for their glowing endorsement letter.  Their organization is working hard to create a natural park for people, birds and wildlife. The said in part:

We wanted to let you know that we have chosen to publicly endorse Eastern Queens Greenway in their goal of creating a family safe route between the ribbon of green spaces that connects Flushing Meadows Park and Alley Pond Park.  There are many trails within this route, however a few gaps make crossing between them unsafe.  Around Kissena Corridor Park, instead of a greenway through the park (as is found in Kissena, Cunningham and Alley Pond), children and families are expected to ride on busy thoroughfares like Booth Memorial Blvd. and Main St.

At the same time, as you also know, for over 40 years a plan for Kissena Corridor Park to be part of a system of trails connecting all the parks in Eastern Queens developed by Andropogon Associates has sat on a shelf at the Olmsted Center unimplemented due to lack of funding.  This plan also known as the “Philadelphia Plan”, envisioned a “central spine” through our parks with a safe off-street trail for families and children to travel on foot or by bike away from car traffic.

Today we have the chance to fund and implement this vision.

We really appreciate the Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy’s kind words and look forward to seeing their park grow.  The meditation garden they are planning will be a wonderful oasis for the community.  It’s a very rare opportunity to build a entirely new park in New York City, especially of this size.  We’re proud to work side-by-side with them, helping provide community access to their evolving space.

If you would like to be part of their momentousness project, consider becoming a member of their organization and lending a hand to make a major improvement to our neighborhood.

P.O. Box 520627, Flushing, NY 11352

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