New City Council Law For Cyclists

The City Council recently unanimously voted to give pedestrians the right of way during count down clocks. Now they’re back trying to decrease the competition between cars and bikes at intersections.

In many New York City intersections there is a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI).  This starts the pedestrian signal a few seconds before drivers get the green light.  According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, this decreases pedestrian-vehicle collisions as much as 60%.  Some intersections also have Lagging Pedestrian Intervals which allow pedestrians slightly more crossing time after drivers are given a red light.

In 2013 Washington DC passed legislation allowing cyclists to follow the Leading Pedestrian Interval.  This decreases confusion between drivers and cyclists when the light turns green.  It also brings cyclists out of a driver’s blind spot so they can be seen easier.

New York City’s proposed bill states:

This bill would establish that bicyclists crossing a roadway at an intersection must follow pedestrian control signals when local law, rule or regulation provides that those signals supersede traffic control signals. However, bicyclists will be required to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

To see this in action, Brooklyn Spoke has some great videos.  As always, contact your local elected officials to make sure our streets are safe for all road users.

Motor Parkway Clean Up Long Island

Please join our Long Island friends in their continuing effort to clean-up the historic Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge next Saturday, beginning at 11:00 am.

Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilman Peter Zuckerman and PSEG Long Island invite you to join town residents and the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society to clean-up the 1909 Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge- the most recent designated town landmark of North Hempstead.

The clean-up is scheduled from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday, October 29, 2016. The bridge is located at the northern most end of Old Courthouse Road in Manhasset Hills, near the intersection with Executive Drive. Suggested parking is on Old Courthouse Road, Knolls Drive N. and Executive Drive.

Please join us in this next step to restore and preserve this historic site. Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Please bring your small cutting tools.

Kissena Walkabout

Join us for a free walking tour of Kissena Park, this Sunday, October 23 from 9am until 1pm.  All are welcome.

We’ll start at 9am from Underhill Avenue and Utopia Parkway. Or you can join us at 10:15am at Kissena Boulevard and Rose Avenue. 

We’ll pause for a visit to Kissena Lake to enjoy the fall foliage and learn a bit about this great treasure!

Continuing west, we’ll conclude our excursion in downtown Flushing where we’ll stop for a snack, a meal or maybe a tasty dessert!
Please contact me if you need more information.  Hope to see you then!
I don’t know why the lines are numbered but this is the way it copied from my post.

If all works well, we will be meeting Queens Bike’s Fall Foliage ride at Kissena Boulevard and Rose Avenue for a quick stroll over to Kissena Lake for pictures(between 10:30am and 11:00am approximately).  We are waiting on restaurant and shop information from Flushing Chamber for possible after-walk activities in downtown Flushing.

Bike Rodeo to Teach Kids Safety

Due to weather, this event is cancelled. We will try again in the spring. Stay tuned for updates.

On Saturday, Oct 22nd there is going to be an amazing event to help kids become safer cyclists.  From 10:30AM  to 2:30PM at 21st Street and 30th Road in Astoria TA Queens, Make Queens Safer, and the Variety Boys & Girls Club Queens are presenting a big neighborhood day of fun activities for kids on two wheels.

For this event 30th Road will be closed for cars. You must bring your own bike and helmet to participate. Parent/legal guardian must be present to sign participation waivers.

This is part of an all-out push to turn 21st Street into the neighborhood street it deserves to be!  Some of the free events will be:

Learn to Bike Class (12:30pm – 2:30 pm) Offered by Bike New York. Parents/guardians should register their children now.

Bike Swap (11am – 2pm) Offered by Recycle-a-Bicycle to make sure kids are riding a bike sized correctly for them

Bike Check— Nomad Cycle will offer free bike check

Bike Rodeo (10:30am – 12:30pm) Kids practice skills as they complete different tasks, like start/stop and obstacle courses

Arts & Crafts (11:30am – 2pm) Where kids can make their own bike stickers with reflective tape

Youth 21st Street Traffic (1:00pm – 2:30pm) Kids get to use a real speedgun to measure car speed, observe driver/pedestrian behavior, and better understand how streets work by reflecting about what they observe

Bike ID Etching (11am-2:30pm) Members of the NYPD’s 114th will mark bikes so they are easier to recover if stolen

With all of this you won’t want to miss this great event!


West Cunningham Park Civic Association Wants Access to Joe Michaels Mile

The West Cunningham Park Civic Association just stood up for its constituents formally requesting better park access.  In a letter sent to Assemblywoman Rozic, Senator Avella, Community Board 11, and Community Board 8, the civic said in part:

As members of the West Cunningham Park Civic Association, we care deeply about our community.  We know how important our public space is to our quality of life.  That’s why we’re asking you for help to improve our infrastructure.

Our parks provide an enjoyable off-street route for our neighbors to move around the community, irrelevant of their personal mobility.  They give our youth safe spaces to develop civic pride. Many of our older residents no longer have the ability to drive and need park paths so they can move at their own speed.  But this green network is limited at the intersection around Peck Avenue, Utopia Parkway, and 164th Street to get to Kissena Park, at the intersections at Northern Boulevard to get to Joe Michaels Mile, and at the end of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway in Alley Pond stopping all access east. Our residents who don’t feel comfortable crossing these intersections have no choice but to turn around, cut off from the rest of their neighborhood and any shops, restaurants and friends they may have there.

Please help create a continuous, protected network so everyone in our community can enjoy the wonders of Eastern Queens.

Dedication like this is what keeps our community strong.  Add your voice right now to helping create family safe access from Cunningham Park to the Joe Michaels Mile and to Douglaston so everyone can enjoy our parkland.

Lend Your Voice for the Transportation Needs of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan is asking for your ideas on how to meet the transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The Coordinated Plan identifies the transportation needs of individuals with special transportation requirements, provides strategies for meeting these needs, and prioritizes transportation services and improvements for funding and implementation. They need your help to:

  • Identify gaps in transportation service in your area
  • Provide input on existing transportation services
  • Identify the needs for people in your community
  • Help develop strategies to meet those needs
  • Develop actions that would be eligible for federal funding

The Queens event will be October 18, 2:00-4:00 pm at

Borough Hall, Room 200
120-55 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, NY 11424

You can also reach out to them through these methods:


Knights of Columbus Greenway Clean-way Day on the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

If you enjoy walking, jogging, biking, hopping, skipping, or jumping along the wonderful Greenway that we all share, then please join the Knights of Columbus on

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at 9:00AM

to do our small part to keep the Greenway a Clean-way. Invite your neighbors, bring your children, and come have some fun with us. Community service participation letters will be provided to any youth who request it.

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Secret Wetlands Tour at Alley Pond

You won’t want to miss this social ride this Saturday the 15th to Alley Pond Park/Alley Creek. Local street safety group Transportation Alternatives’ Queens Volunteer Committee is collaborating with the Natural Areas Conservancy (NAC), a nonprofit working to protect, conserve and restore the green and blue space in New York City. Restoration Project Assistant Sara Donatich will lead a walk to a hidden area along the Cross Island Expressway, where NAC is working to reclaim and restore a salt marsh habitat.

The salt marshes of Alley Creek in northeast Queens have experienced many changes over the last few decades. Part of the salt marsh was once home to Kiddy City, an amusement park. Today, the Natural Areas Conservancy working to restore these vital areas, which are an important habitat for migratory shorebirds, horseshoe crabs, and many more native animals and plants. The tour will begin at the Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC). We will walk north of Northern Boulevard to visit future restoration sites along the outer shore of Alley Creek. Join us on the marsh to learn about our plans to preserve the critical habitat and other ecological benefits that Alley Creek provides!

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Get In The NACCC of it at Kissena

What is the NACCC? Here’s a great explanation video by Kym Non Stop a great motivation and fitness expert:

This is the first year the NACCC is being held in New York City and one of the main events will take place at the Kissena Park Velodrome. You can come and watch some of the best street cyclists from around the world for free this Friday, October 7, from 1:00pm to 5:30pm. In addition to the races in our backyard they have multiple events through the City this weekend