Mid Queens Community Council Endorsement

We’re proud and appreciative of our most recent endorsement from the Mid-Queens Community Council. As an organization representing multiple community groups, the MQCC is well suited to understand large-scale projects, like family-safe connections among our network of parks. We thank everyone involved for their support and look forward to working with them to improve our neighborhood.


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Next Meeting & a Great Weekend

If you’d like to join us in making Eastern Queens’ public spaces safer, come out tonight, Monday, Feb 6th.  We’ll be hanging out at Bean Square from 7:30 to 9:00.

210-21 Northern Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11364

We’re going to talk about our future plans and all the cool stuff we’ve done like these events from last weekend:

On Saturday Janet, Jessame, Joby, Juan, Kaite, and Leona matched with some friends at TA in the Lunar New Year Parade in Flushing:


Also on Saturday Barbara and John went to the Fat and Frozen 2 Race in Cunningham Park.  Over a hundred neighbors participated in this free event set up by 718c. All money raised from raffels and donations went to the volunteers of CLIMB who help keep our trails in good order. Over a hundred people participated and winners of men’s and women’s advanced courses were both 64 years old.


On Sunday Albert, Janet, Joby, John and Leona went to the Alley Bowl in Alley Pond Park. This quick relay was a great way to get the energy up on a cold morning.


Oceania/210th Protected Bike Path

Eastern Queens has one of the best park systems in New York City, but many of our residents can’t get to these hidden gems because of the unsafe conditions around them.

We’re asking for a child safe path along along Oceania/210th Street from the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway going north.  This will allow better access to the mountain bike trails and connect to 3 local schools.  The lower section of the path would hug the boarder of Cunningham Park up to the Long Island Expressway.  North of that would be an on street path connecting all the way to the stores on Norther Boulevard.

We believe these improvements would turn a street that encourages excessive speeding (and has produced multiple fatalities) into a safe route to school.  Please help us by asking your neighbors to sign this petition: