Walk the Conduit with the Southern Queens Greenway

Our friends at the Southern Queens Greenway are having a fun event August 13th from 11AM to 1PM.

Put your good walking shoes on because we’re walking to highland park on the conduit median.

Join SQGW at Vito Locasio ball field (149th Ave and Cross Bay Blvd) Saturday, August 13 as we parade north to Cedar Lane Stables, City Line Park and Highland Park and visit some local gems of the cypress hills community. Our goal is increased visibility and we ask everyone to bring 5 friends.  Bring a bottle of water and sunscreen as sections of the walk are not shaded.

Meeting Location: Vito Locasio Ball Field 149th Avenue and Cross Bay Boulevard

Help hype up the event and let them know that you can make it.

Facebook @southernqueensgreenway  Twitter @squeensgreenway


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