Mystery Sign

We recently got a tip about a new sign along the Brooklyn / Queens Greenway at 199th Street and 75th Avenue. Eric took a ride out and snapped us a picture.


Earlier this year Tammy and Joby met with West Cunningham Civic to talk about improvements for this intersection. They followed up with the Parks Department asking for things like way-finding maps. So far we’ve only seen the corkboard, but hopefully more useful directions will be coming soon.

We also spotted one of these by Oakland Lake.



Will these signs be completed with hiking map that show the area’s topographical features? Will they have cycling maps with bike lanes or vertical climb? Will they have driving maps to point out the closest highway? Will it be something that directs park goers to nearby nearby businesses so they can shop local?

We hope to see many more signs and maps along the Brooklyn / Queens Greenway. The Bronx River Greenway has a wonderful 46 page public document explaining their signage standards.


If you have any more information about our mystery signs, let us know. What type of maps you want in our parks? Or would rather this become a message board where the community could post about local events? Let us know on the comments, on twitter, or on facebook.

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