West Cunningham Park Civic Association Wants Access to Joe Michaels Mile

The West Cunningham Park Civic Association just stood up for its constituents formally requesting better park access.  In a letter sent to Assemblywoman Rozic, Senator Avella, Community Board 11, and Community Board 8, the civic said in part:

As members of the West Cunningham Park Civic Association, we care deeply about our community.  We know how important our public space is to our quality of life.  That’s why we’re asking you for help to improve our infrastructure.

Our parks provide an enjoyable off-street route for our neighbors to move around the community, irrelevant of their personal mobility.  They give our youth safe spaces to develop civic pride. Many of our older residents no longer have the ability to drive and need park paths so they can move at their own speed.  But this green network is limited at the intersection around Peck Avenue, Utopia Parkway, and 164th Street to get to Kissena Park, at the intersections at Northern Boulevard to get to Joe Michaels Mile, and at the end of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway in Alley Pond stopping all access east. Our residents who don’t feel comfortable crossing these intersections have no choice but to turn around, cut off from the rest of their neighborhood and any shops, restaurants and friends they may have there.

Please help create a continuous, protected network so everyone in our community can enjoy the wonders of Eastern Queens.

Dedication like this is what keeps our community strong.  Add your voice right now to helping create family safe access from Cunningham Park to the Joe Michaels Mile and to Douglaston so everyone can enjoy our parkland.

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