School Safety for All Rally!

Today, November 18, at 2:30pm, Council Member Paul Vallone is holding a “School Safety for All” rally in support of a package of legislation aimed at improving pedestrian safety around all schools throughout the City.  Come show your support at J.H.S. 185’s School Playground (147-26 25th Drive, Flushing, NY 11354).

Council Member Paul Vallone will be joined by fellow elected officials, the Principals, teachers, students and families from J.H.S. 185, P.S. 21 and J.H.S. 194, District 25 and 26 Superintendents Danielle Di Mango and Danielle Giunta, District 25 and 26 UFT Representatives Joseph Kessler and Mary Vaccaro and UFT Queens Borough Representative Dermot Smyth.

Just this week, two students were struck by vehicles near J.H.S. 185 and J.H.S. 194, leaving one of them, an eleven-year-old boy, in critical condition. In response, Council Member Vallone is holding a rally and calling on the City to pass his package of legislation aimed at pedestrian safety reforms around schools. His bills will require school safety slow zones at all elementary and middle schools.  The Council Member is also calling for the expansion and reevaluation of all existing school slow zones while considering any additional safety measures on behalf of all students, their families, teachers, staff and the surrounding community.

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