The Tour de Flushing Was a Great Success & We Have Pictures to Prove It

Thank you to everyone that came out to the first ever Tour de Flushing.  We had around 150 cyclists, far more then we ever expected would come out for our friendly little neighborhood bike ride.

The route was a little less than 20 miles including a wide variety of path conditions (while out on the ride we decided to skip Fort Totten Park).


Everyone met at the Unisphere, which was the first time we saw how many people were excited to ride their bikes through Eastern Queens.  Before starting the tour, we rode “around the world” once to signify the diversity of our community and of our riders.

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New York 1 came by and made a great video explaining why a ride like this was important to our community.

The ride snaked its way through many of our Queens neighborhoods where we talked about local history and our advocacy to help make the area safer, as the Queens Tribune and QNS described .

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The Tour de Flushing ended at the Queens Quaker Meeting House.  About half of our riders decided to not to come to the Meeting House, usually because they wanted to try the food of one of the many neighborhoods we passed through.  But we appreciate everyone who came out to any part of the ride, no matter how long or short.

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If you’d like to stay in touch with us for future events, please follow us on facebook and twitter or follow us via email by typing it into the form on this page.

If you’d like to see better infrastructure in this neighborhood, please consider helping our advocacy work by signing these petitions for some of our active campaigns:

Motor Parkway East will connect the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway trail in Queens with the 14-mile Motor Parkway Trail being built in Nassau.

Rebuild Utopia Parkway As a Complete Street so that it is safer for everyone who uses the street: pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, and bus riders.

The Kissena Walk will build a trail in the parks that would connect Bayside and Flushing Meadows / Corona Park. This would allow families and kids to avoid busy streets like Main Street, College Point Boulevard, and Booth Memorial Avenue.

You can also come down to one of our monthly meetings where we can help you advocate for safety improvements you feel the neighborhood needs.

We hope to see you again real soon.

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