EQGW Wins Partner of the Year

Last night Transportation Alternatives awarded the Eastern Queens Greenway the Partner of the Year award for work done in 2017.  We are honored to have worked with Transportation Alternatives for many years, bringing family safe infrastructure to our neighborhoods. 


An award like this from TA means a lot to us.  Transportation Alternatives has been New York City’s leading voice in  demanding equity for all street users.  TA routinely stands up against hate speech and dirty politics, with an unwavering dedication to street safety. The projects Transportation Alternatives has advocated for have statistically decreased the injuries and deaths in those areas.  Not only has TA made our public spaces accessible to more people, but they have provenly saved many lives, something not many other local organizations can say.  If you’re not already a member, consider supporting the successful work TA is doing to making our communities safer.

The Eastern Queens Greenway has learned a great deal from Transportation Alternatives and especially from the amazing volunteers committees.  The activists supporting TA are smart, dedicated and incredibly compassionate.  We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with them and learn from them.  The EQGW would not have been nearly as successful without the strong foundation of street safety activism TA has developed for decades. 

Transportation Alternatives presented the award to the Eastern Queens Greenway on March 1st at their actual party, The Bicyclist Ball and Pedestrian Prom.
Brooklyn Masonic Temple | 317 Clermont Avenue | Between Dekalb & Lafayette Avenues | Brooklyn

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