Women’s Ride Today

Today is the big day for the Women’s Ride, a 7-mile bike ride down Queens Boulevard showing that everyone deserves access to our streets.  The rides starts at 11:00 AM at Queensbridge Park Greenway in Long Island City (alongside the Queensboro Bridge, near 21st Street).  It will continue at a slow pace down the new protected bike lanes of Queens Boulevard ending at the Women’s Plaza outside Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

This ride will celebrate women and gender non-conforming people who bike, promote solutions to address the gender gap in cycling, and enjoy the recently installed protected bike lanes on Queens Boulevard.  If you want to learn more and RSVP, go here.

The Women’s Ride was put together by a coalition of the Queens cycling community, including many of our EQGW great volunteers.  Their mission statement for the ride reads:

We are committed to the inclusivity and empowerment of women and gender nonconforming people of all sexualites, religions, races, ages, abilities or political orientations.

We ride to celebrate the women and girls who bike in Queens, New York City, and throughout the world. Our goal is to encourage more to join us.

As we make our roads and streets safer for cyclists, female ridership increases. We demand more protected bike lanes, greenways and infrastructure to protect us and help close the gender gap in cycling.

We remember those that have lost their lives cycling throughout the City of New York. We honor their legacy and support their families in demanding safer streets to prevent additional fatalities.

We are committed to a sustainable future, and aim to promote cycling, as a clean transportation option which positively impacts our health and communities. This event will be zero-waste to complement this mission.

We oppose all acts of violence. Our ride is a peaceful expression of ideas.


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