Queens Social Ride

Queens Social Ride (@QnsRide on Twitter) started as an informal group of cyclists looking to help new cyclists in this age of COVID-19.

Every Sunday at 9 am we meet at the Unisphere for a 20- to 25-mile ride at 10 to 12 mph. This ride is for adults and intended to bring you to an intermediate level of riding. We explore different parts of Queens each week so you can learn how to navigate the World’s Borough and meet other cyclists. Helmet and face mask required.

Follow us #QnsSocialRide #QnsSundaySocial on Twitter @QnsRide or FB Queens Social Ride.

2 thoughts on “Queens Social Ride

  1. […] The reason we came together to form this organization is because we all believed the community should have a family-safe, continuous greenway. Over the years we’ve gathered over 1,000 signatures of local residents who agree with us, in addition to the support of our great politicians (we even called Mayor Bill de Blasio about the greenway). Our volunteers organized the Tour de Flushing, the Kissena Way Walking Tour and the Sunday morning Queens Social Rides. […]


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