Bike Network Design for Eastern Queens

In 2019 a group of graduating students from Hunter College’s Master of Urban Planning (MUP) came together to design a network of bike lanes for Eastern Queens. The organized community outreach, performed site visits, and researched best practices to design a proposal suited for these neighborhoods.

The student team consisted of Thomas Bardenett, Amanda Campelo, Jaime Cho, Kerry Goleski, Carlos Martinez, Jesslyn Moser, Kenneth Rivas, and Jenna Stein, all working under faculty advisor was Professor Jason Brody. Their goal was a simple, low-cost and quick updates to existing streets can yield big benefits for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. The full design document can be found here, if you’d like to see their findings and advisement.

As you can see from their table of context, this is an exhaustive study of the area and design options.

The study culminated in a map with phased network design.

The dedication of these students is a major benefit to our neighborhood. We’re glad they focused on improving our neighborhood so early on in their careers. We look forward to seeing even more great designs from them as they help improve our infrastructure for the better.

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