100th Queens Social Ride

Last weekend we were proud to celebrate the 100th outing of the Queens Social Ride.   Almost 100 cyclists joined us at the event which fittingly was a great tour of Queens.

We remember speaking to Eric Harold years ago at an Eastern QueensGreenway monthly meeting, when he had an idea for this ride.  Eric began Queens Social Ride in the middle of the pandemic to help Queens residents get outside, explore Queens and take advantage of our great parks and neighborhoods.  It was very exciting to take the success of the Tour de Flushing (which stopped due to COVID) and start a smaller weekly ride instead. Little could we have known then, what it would grow into. 

Eric and his team has spent countless hours planning and testing routes, in addition to marshaling the 100 rides.  It’s no small effort to put one ride together, let alone a new ride every week. They even planned and marshaled rides through the warm winter this year. We want to especially thank Thane Terrill and Martial Henrys for all their efforts.

The Queens Social Ride meets every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM right under the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows park. You should join their next ride, just bring a helmet and a bike in good condition. You can follow them on instagram, twitter, or facebook. But the best way to connect is to roll up and make some friends. The rides are very slow so there is lots of room to chat with the amazing people in this group.


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