Tell Shore Towers To Stop Stealing from Cyclists and Pedestrians

Our friends at Queens Social Ride tell us that again Shore Towers is illegally cutting off public access along the waterfront greenway. As you may remember, Shore Towers have set up a fence and gate where they lock the public from accessing public space, so their rich residents have exclusive access to the space.

There have been warnings and fines, but at the end of the day the bigger issue is with the structure. We need our politicians to remove the gate and the lock, since it’s been very well proven that Shore Towers are not honest gatekeepers.

When a poor person jumps a turnstyle, they get tackled and go to jail. When a rich business steals an entire waterfront greenway, nothing happens to them. Please contact these politicians and ask them to remove Shore Towers ability to steal this space.

Also tell them to stop making bad deals with bad developers. New Yorkers deserve better than this and public/private partnerships don’t work since the private side always steals from the public.

Please contact City Council Member Tiffany Caban or call (718) 274-4500

Please contact Queens Borough President Donovan Richards 

Tell them to “Take the keys away!” from the scofflaws at Shore Towers.

2 thoughts on “Tell Shore Towers To Stop Stealing from Cyclists and Pedestrians

  1. queens cycling should schedule a protest ride there one sunday.make it hard for tenants get deliveries or uber rides.this is a managment doing but if tenants are IN convent they might complain


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