Tonight You Can Save Lives in Eastern Queens

Tonight is the final vote to decide if Eastern Queens children receive infrastructure improvements to make it safe for them to get to their parks.  The miles of safe space (mainly along the edges of our Alley Pond) will give thousands of residents new park access.  Unfortunately we expect opposition at the Community Board meeting to this improvement and there is a very real chance it will not pass. If you care about the kids in Eastern Queens, you can make a real impact by coming down tonight to show that the community demands that DoT’s plan (pdf) gets built. If we win tonight DoT will start to build it this year so kids should have safer park access next summer

Monday, June 5th (tonight) at 7:30 pm

Middle School 158 (Auditorium)
46-35 Oceania St.
Bayside, NY 11361

We’ve been doing everything we can to show that the neighborhood supports this plan. Over the past few weeks we have gathered over 1,000 signatures of community members demanding that this plan gets built for our children. (Many of the paper forms are not recognized on the website yet).

We have gotten this project featured on New York 1, Planetizen, and Streetsblog so the community knows what’s going on.

Most importantly when we talk to our neighbors on the street, we’ve found overwhelming community support for this issue. Opposition was only about one in a thousand. Average residents in our community strongly support this plan, even if their responsibilities don’t allow them to be active in these forums.

Unfortunately, all of this is not enough to get the life saving infrastructure our community deserves. There is a very real possibility that the Community Board will kill this plan tonight. Please come out tonight, no matter what the weather is, because you can make a real difference.

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