The Motor Parkway Needs Your Help Today

Our friends at The Motor Parkway East project are looking to connect the Motor Parkway Trail in Eastern Queens with the 14-mile long Motor Parkway Trail being built in Nassau.  Currently there are bills in Albany that are stuck in committee and we need your help to move them forward this legislative section.  Assembly Bill A.5103 (Weprin/Braunstein) and Senate Bill S.1566 (Avella) ask the state to study an extension of the Motor Parkway to Little Neck Parkway.  This small stretch would make a big impact in connecting the trails by getting through a difficult area.

You can help right now by signing their petition to push the bill to the floor:

Since this is a State issue, please share this petition to all of your friends and family who live throughout New York State. 

If you really care about this project and have a few minutes you can make a big difference by calling the Senate and Assembly leaders and your legislators.

Speaker Carl Heastie (518) 455-3791
Senator Jeffrey Klein (518)-455-3595
Senator John Flanagan (518) 455-2071

Find your Senator

Find your Assemblyperson

Just tell them that you’re someone who cares about extending the Long Island Motor Parkway Greenway to Nassau. It would help build the first leg of a 19 mile path connecting Queens and Long Island and make it safer our neighbors to walk, run or ride a bike.  Make sure to mention that:

You hope Sen Klein will bring Senate Bill  S.1566 (Avella) to the floor for a vote and support its passage.

— or —

You hope Speaker Heastie will bring Assembly Bill A.5013 (Weprin/Braunstein) to the floor for a vote and support its passage.

Together we can build some common sense infrastructure to connect our communities.  Thank you very much for your help.


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