Sharing Our Stories – A Writing Workshop

Families for Safe Streets is hosting a program called Sharing Your Story – A Writing Workshop on Monday, February 12 at 6:30pm and we’d love to make this meaningful opportunity available to all those who could benefit from it.

Have you or others you know been injured in a traffic crash?  Or have a family member or loved one who’s been killed?  While we wish everyone’s answer would be NO, we sadly know that’s not the case – and hope you will be able to join us and/or help spread the word.

No need to have ever participated in an FSS program previously, and we welcome people whose crashes were recent, years ago, as pedestrians, as cyclists or any other circumstance here in NYC or elsewhere.

Professional writing coach and psychotherapist, Sarah Saffian will lead a session of therapeutic storytelling and writing.  Absolutely no writing or storytelling experience is necessary.

According to one study, “writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been found to result in improvements in both physical and psychological health, in non-clinical and clinical populations.”

WHEN: Monday, February 12th at 6:30pm

WHERE: 111 John Street, 2nd floor, lower Manhattan near the Fulton St 2, 3, 4, 5, C, J, Z trains

WHY: Families for Safe Streets Monthly Speaker Series


Social Media: Facebook

Join us for a storytelling and journaling workshop. Sharing your experience is proven to be empowering and healing – whether it is shared with a small group who have a similar experience or used more broadly for social change. No writing or speaking experience is necessary.

Sarah Safian LMSW, MFA, is an author, a teacher, a writing coach, and a therapist. She teaches memoir at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival and Sarah Lawrence, and independently offers writing coaching and editing services as The Vertical Pronoun. As a therapist, Sarah counsels individual clients and runs support groups in private practice settings. Blending her two main areas of interest and expertise, Sarah has created a model called Therapeutic Writing, using memoir prompts as a tool for encouraging reflection, processing, and discovery.


Families for Safe Streets is comprised of individuals who have all lost a loved one or been injured in a traffic crash. Together, we fight to make NYC streets safer while also supporting others who share our pain and trauma. The speaker series is held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. FSS is a project of Transportation Alternatives, a 40-year-old street safety organization.


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