Rallying to demand DMV Imposes Better Ongoing Requirements for Drivers

By Rita Barravecchio

On Monday June 25 my life was changed forever when my 17 year niece was killed by an 88 year old driver.  Through the enormous pain and suffering one thing was clear – this didn’t have to happen.  Our streets are not safe and regardless of the speed cameras or speed bumps, if the people behind the wheel are not capable then no street is safe.  We believe that not everyone driving has the ability to drive, DMV is renewing licenses to people who proved themselves able decades ago but their bodies and abilities have changed so much over the years.  We are not looking to the away independence from any able driver, rather weed out the individuals who should not be driving.

On Monday (7.30) at 7pm at 17th Ave and Utopia Pkwy in Whitestone, we will be rallying to demand DMV to change their current renewal policy in which all individuals just have to pass a simple eye test in order to continue driving.   Please come out to support this change, DMV and politicians need to hear our plea. 

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