Question 3 Has Passed! Community Board Reform will Happen in NYC!

Yesterday voters came out strong to support Question 3, which will impose 2 year term limits on Community Boards every 8 years.  1,026,929 New Yorkers voted for the measure, 393,809 against, so it passed by a wide margin with 72.3% affirmative on the reform. 

It’s clear most New Yorkers are ready to move to a more representational system and break up those ruling-for-life at our lowest level of government.  Unfortunately many still in power (including most Borough Presidents & current Community Board Chairs) are still fighting to consolidate power for themselves and their friends.  We encourage all our readers to run for their Community Boards now to show how much interest there is as the playing field becomes slightly more level.

Eastern Queens Greenway is incredibly proud that its members were the first people to call on the Charter Revision Commission to create a Community Board term limit amendment.  This issue was not on the Commissions radar and it was only through dedicated activists that it was forced into the ballot. We were pushing for something much stronger, not just a two year sabbatical, but by passing this amendment by such a large margin it shows the old guard that they are not beyond all law.  Thank you to everyone who voted, and especially everyone who volunteered their time to making our fair city a little more fair.

If you’d like to become involved with Eastern Queens Greenway for the next big fight, we meet the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Flushing Quaker Meetings House at 137-16 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11354.

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