Car crash injuries are down in the 111th Precinct

The @NYPD111Pct recently tweeted that injury collisions are down within the precinct’s jurisdiction.

Injury collisions are down 5.3% for the year so far.

In 2019, we will continue to focus enforcement toward the locations and behaviors that cause these crashes. #VisionZero

Captain John Hall took command on March 5 of 2018 and has been active both on Twitter and making change in the the precinct. A year earlier he earned his master’s in urban informatics from NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, a program that uses data science to better understand communities.


Taking a closer closer look at the map we can see that Northern Boulevard, Union Turnpike, and Utopia Boulevard are responsible for a large percentage of the injuries. Many of the other crashes are clustered around highway on- and off-ramps. The 111th tweet references Vision Zero, the idea that all car crash fatalities are preventable with better enforcement, education, and engineering. We hope the 111th will dramatically increase enforcement in these problem locations through 2019 so a year from now we will have a map with noticeable fewer red dots.


Captain Hall oversaw the implementation of the 111th’s Neighborhood Policing program, which dedicates neighborhood coordination officers to each sector. According to the 111th Precint’s webpage, the program is Supervised by Sgt. Joseph Saviano ( and is broken up into four sectors, with two officers responsible for each.

Sector A contact:
PO Steffhanie Collado (
PO Sean Desena (

Sector B contact:
PO Robert Dussel (
PO Miguel Mora (

Sector C contact:
PO John Aluska (
PO Melissa Bonilla (

Sector D contact:
PO Daniel Foran (
PO Belinda Story (

As we can see from the breakout, each sector covers some of the problem areas. We hope everyone will work with our police department to stomp out this danger to our neighbors. We all know from The New England Journal of Medicine that Motor Vehicles are the biggest killer of our children with firearms being a somewhat distant second. Both of these are preventable and although much work has been done to decrease their deathtoll in the past, both are on the rise in America again.


Working together we can make our community much safer for everyone. We look forward to reporting on what Captain John Hall has planned for 2019.

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