Destination:Greenways! Needs Your Input

Our organization was founded years ago with a dedicated focus, to complete the Greenway across Eastern Queens. This project currently has a significant of momentum (and some money behind it) but we need your help to push the planners to make sure it’s implemented correctly. NYC Parks and NYC DoT listened to a massive amount of community feedback; hundreds of you came to their listening sessions, overloading what they expected and forcing them to set up more meetings. They’ve taken those comments and put together some proposals. Now is the time they will present those proposals back to us and ask us which direction to go it. We have one night to see the presentation live and respond back with what they got right and what they got wrong.

You can easily sign up (for free) to attend the zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 26th at 6:30 PM. This meeting will help shape what our community looks like going forward. If this greenway plan is watered down now, we will never get the fully family safe infrastructure that could be life changing for so many of us. Use this link or you can register right here:

There are many ways you can make a real difference at this meeting. We have an in-depth primer talking about the engineering options, but we expect some areas we’ll need to push NYC Parks and NYC DoT to do better on are:

  • A continuous family safe route from Flushing Meadows to Joe Michaels mile, that has no gaps, no unsafe intersections, fully separated from traffic, and at a different height as the road (at sidewalk level instead of street level)
  • Minimum width of 12 feet along the entire greenway so everyone has enough space to avoid conflicts
  • Fully protected bike and pedestrian connections to nearby schools so kids can use the park every day to get to class
  • A special connection to south-eastern Queens and Long Island according to the Motor Parkway East plan
  • An attractive space that welcomes in the community while still serving as a recreation/commuting backbone

Please sign up today and come to the meeting ready to push for the best possible addition to our community we can get. With the way our city government works this is truly a once in a generation opportunity. With the hope of getting federal funding, we need to move quickly to get a solid plan on the table. Thank you for your continued effort to make our community better.

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