Big Protected Bike Lane Plan for Eastern Queens if You Help Us Move Quick

The Transportation Committee of Community Board 11 wants to ask the DoT for a series of protected bike lanes. They need to full Board to vote on it on January 3rd, and we need your help to make sure it passes.

Here is a petition that you can help share over social media to spread the word:

The Transportation Committee met multiple times to work out a plan. There was a lot of give and take from all sides. This plan isn’t perfect, but it is a substantial safety improvement for neighborhood kids who want to get to their schools or parks. Here are the specific requests

  • East / West:
    • 26th Ave from Utopia Pkwy to Bell Blvd
    • 28th Ave from Bell Blvd to Joe Michaels Mile
    • 46th Ave from Bell Blvd to Cloverdale Blvd 
    • 53rd Ave from Underhill Ave to Oceania St
    • 56th Ave from Springfield to E Hampton Blvd
    • 69th Ave from Cloverdale Blvd to Springfield Blvd
  • North / South
    • Cloverdale Blvd from 53rd Ave to 69th Ave
    • Corporal Kennedy St from 26th Ave to 33rd Ave
    • Corporal Kennedy St  from 41st Ave to Northern Blvd
    • Oceania St from Northern Blvd to the LIE

The proposed routes are in red, current protected routes in green:

Map by Joby Jacob

The most important thing we can do is speak directly to the general Board of CB11 to show them the community supports this plan. The meeting will be held over zoom on January 3rd at 7:30. If you can speak, please contact the office (before Thursday if possible) to reserve your spot.

(718) 225-1054

Office hours Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

We all know that it can take decades to roll out a protected bike lane. This is a golden opportunity to fast forward, implementing lanes for the neighborhood kids, while they are still children. Please help pass around the petition and sign up to speak at the meeting.

One thought on “Big Protected Bike Lane Plan for Eastern Queens if You Help Us Move Quick

  1. I think the 26th Avenue section should not extend to Bell, but turn south to 28th Avenue on Corporal Kennedy. That would divert it from the Bay Terrace very busy area on 26th Avenue.
    Otherwise the plan looks very good to me.


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