311 request system now accepts photos and video

Did you know that in your pocket you have the power to solve many of New York City’s little problems?  We may already use our 311 system for city information or to make requests, but did you know 311 accepts photos, videos, and audio directly from your smart phone?

Right now the 311 system only accepts this type of documentation for some types of requests (hopefully they will open it up as the program becomes more successful).  Currently you can use the new system to report potholes, false advertising, street construction problems, rule breaking, animal problems & ADA complaint issues in parks, dirty lots, missing/damaged street sign, public school maintenance issues and taxi complaints.

Check out their website for web forms on how to submit a request (unfortunately there are different procedures depending on the type of claim).  You could also download their app and as always use your phone to dial 311.

For bigger issues, you may want to contact high level officials in the Mayor’s office.

It’s our responsibility as neighbors to change our neighborhood for the better, not just complain about it. Being vigilant about alerting 311 about these issues is the first step in getting them resolved.  However it’s not that last; if your issue isn’t resolved contact your local politicians and join a community board, civic, or another local organization focused on making our neighborhood better.  We are the community so it is our responsibility so get involved in any way you can.

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